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Create your own handmade robin themed bauble using this simple needle felting craft kit. This easy to use craft kit comes with all the materials and tools you need along with step by step instructions to walk you through creating a decoration you can treasure. Suitable for beginners and intermediate felters. Recommended age 12+.


The felting craft kit contains:

Core wool

Coloured wool

Felting needle

Hanging ribbon

Step by step illustrated instructions.

Eco felting mat (optional)


You will need some form of felting mat to use our kits. Our Eco mats are reusable and recyclable. Fabric design may vary. 


This felting craft kit comes in reusable and recyclable packaging Warning: Keep away from 0-3 year olds due to small and sharp parts. This felting craft kit contains sharp needles and the items created are not toys.

Robin Bauble Felting Craft Kit

PriceFrom £11.95
VAT Included
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