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Making Craft Sustainable

Here at Crafty You Crafty Me we believe in the importance of using quality sustainable materials which are reusable and recyclable whenever possible in our craft kits and minimising plastic use.

From polystyrene felting kit cores and foam felting mats to plastic glue bottles and grout bags the challenges to keep craft environmentally friendly are endless. We have designed solutions within our kits to overcome these and below are some examples showing the sustainable contents of our kits.

All of our kits are sent in recyclable cardboard boxes wrapped in brown paper avoiding any plastic, we also use craft paper tape instead of sellotape. We use 100% wool in our felting kit designs and we are particularly proud of our unique reusable felting mat designs which are made from recyclable cotton fabric filled with biodegradable buckwheat hulls.

Our biggest challenge when designing our mosaic kits was how to adhere our glass tiles to the wooden backings before the grout is applied. The usual approach is to use PVA glue which in turn requires packaging in a plastic bottle. We designed a solution using self adhesive blanks removing the need for the glue, the added benefit is a much less messy crafting experience which is especially great when completing our mosaic kits with children.

There is always more to do and we are always looking to improve the sustainability and reduce the environmental impact of our products - if you have any suggestions we'd love to hear them. Thanks for reading and happy crafting.

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