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How to... Sew a Felt Christmas Tree Decoration

In this little blog we'll step through how to sew a Felt Christmas Tree decoration to add the perfect handmade touch to your festive collection. All Crafty You Crafty Me craft kits are kept at a beginners level making them ideal for learning to sew, helping you to start your craft journey. Equally more experienced crafters may find this a great simple little Christmasy project.

For the majority of stitching in this project you will use 2 strands. Therefore please ensure you have suitable green, red, yellow and white thread.

You'll also need green, red, yellow and brown felt, core wool stuffing, some hanging thread and a sewing needle.

Christmas tree decoration template

Firstly mark and cut out:

- Two tree shapes from your green felt,

- One tree trunk shape from your brown felt,

- Two bucket shapes from your red felt,

- One star shape from your yellow felt,

- Six bauble shapes, three red and three yellow.

Some example shape templates are shown, feel free to get creative and adjust the shapes to your preference but ensure that the pairs are identical such that the fronts and backs of your Christmas tree match.

Sewn Christmas tree instructions

Cut some yellow thread, take two stands and thread together through the needle eye. Tie a knot in the end of your stitching thread before starting each set of stitches to stop it pulling through. If needed tie 2 or 3 knots in the same place. Sew the star in place with a single stitch repeat for the yellow baubles. Taking red thread repeat for the red baubles.

Sew the white tinsel using chain stitch with 2 strands of white thread.

Sewn Christmas Tree Decoration Instructions

Blanket stitch is used to sew together the front and the back of the pieces. This quick and easy stitch creates a neat finish to the edge. Sew the front of the tree to the back piece using blanket stitch in green thread. Leave a small gap where the trunk will be placed and stuff your tree with core wool. A good tip is to use a pencil to push the core wool in, providing a firm feel. Tuck in the brown tree trunk and sew in place, closing up your stuffed tree. When pulling stitches tight take care not to over tighten them as this will cause the fabric to deform.

Felt Christmas Tree decoration craft kit

Take the 2 red pot pieces and sew together using blanket stitch in red thread sewing the bottom of the trunk into the pot as you go. Leave around 3mm between each stitch and don’t forget to leave a gap to stuff the bucket before sewing up. Finish the blanket stitch by sewing over the same stitch a couple of times and threading the needle through the piece and out the other side before trimming the thread. If you run out of thread part way, finish your thread as you would at the end and start again with a new stitch.

Your Christmas tree is now complete, thread your hanging thread/ribbon through your decoration and hang.

Our stitch guide may be used if you need some guidance on sewing techniques - you'll be decorating the whole house in no time at all!! Happy Crafting!

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