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How to... Mini Sheep Felting

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

You know when you get to the end of a #feltingkit and you've still got those bits of wool left over.... Here's a great little idea to use some of them up, and spend a little longer on this relaxing craft.

You will need:

  • Wool in one or 2 colours per sheep. I love the natural wools, and left overs from our bunny felting kit are perfect but but any felting wool will do.

  • Felting needle

  • Felting mat

You can make these sheep as big or as small as you like depending on the amount of wool you have available. Personally I'm a fan of them small and cute, hence the title mini sheep felting. Mine are about 3cm long and if you're being precise for each sheep I used 2g of wool for the body, 0.5g for the head, 0.1g for each legs and tiny pieces for the ears. They look great sat in a huddle or as a little desk mascot.

Step 1:

Roll body wool into a cylinder and stab the wool to bring the fibres together

Step 2:

Continue until you have a firm body. The more you felt the less fluffy it will get. If you prefer a fluffier sheep then felt less.

Step 3:

Roll into a short triangle shape and felt until compact. The narrower part forms the lower part

Step 4: Attach the head to the front of the sheep by felting through the head into the body. Add 2 very small bits of rolled wool for ears.

Step 5:

Take a small piece of wool and roll between your fingers and then felt into a ball. Repeat for 4 legs.

Step 6:

Attach all 4 legs to the under side of the sheep by felting through the legs into the body

That's it you'll have your cute mini sheep! Cute little desk mascot or a perfect fun crafty gift for a friend.

Fancy a go at a larger project, panda is one of my favourites!

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