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Crafty Girlguides

I fondly remember my time girlguilding, progressing through my local Brownies and Guides group. I made great friends and learnt so much, including developing my love of crafts.

So when Dawn from 2nd Barton Guides group got in touch, during lockdown, about whether I could provide a crafting activity for their group I was immensely proud and excited. We discussed a few options and landed on single mosaic coaster kits. With our sticky blank design our mosaic coasters are really straightforward for all levels and without needing glue to be applied the sticky mess that usually comes with making mosaics is prevented. We also decided to go with a mixed set of tiles so that the girls could use their imaginations and create their own designs.

With the lockdown restrictions in place each girl was provided their own kit and, like so much of all of our lives during lockdown, the event was ran over Zoom. It was absolutely fantastic to meet all the guides and their leaders and the session was such fun. We stepped through making the mosaics and within about an hour the girls had finished their fabulous creations.

Since our first girlguides event I have ran sessions for Brownie and Guide groups all over the country and they have all been great fun - here are a few comments from the leaders.

2nd Barton Guides Leader Dawn:

"Our Guide unit thoroughly enjoyed a virtual workshop led by Sarah to decorate coasters for Mother’s Day. The resources were packaged individually and delivered for an agreed date which made it easy for us to distribute to the girls. Each box was carefully packed with recyclable packaging."

"During the workshop Sarah provided clear instructions and encouragement. She demonstrated the more technical aspects and answered their questions. The girls, age 10-14, completed their coasters independently including mixing their own grout. A number of the girls liked their coasters so much that they chose to keep them for themselves!"

3rd Otley Guides Leader Janet:

"Our guides had a wonderful time with your Mosaic workshop. It was the first time we had attempted a craft by zoom, it was very successful for the guides, thank you."

1st Toftwood Brownies leader Katie:

"It was a really good craft to do for Fathers Day, as we sometimes struggle to think of ideas for this. The whole process was really smooth and we thought it was great that everything the girls needed was contained within the box."

And since lockdown restrictions have eased I have started to provide kits, with our clear step by step instructions to girlguiding groups for them to hold in person, socially distanced, sessions - which have worked really well.

If you would like to run a craft event for your brownie, guide or scout group please get in touch via

Thanks for reading and happy crafting!

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